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Latest News!

From Tom Boag, President of Applied Aquatic Research Ltd. and AAR Environmental Services*


I am pleased to announce the friendly acquisition of Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. of Calgary Alberta. Ghostpine has been a full service environmental consultancy serving the Energy, Infrastructure and land development industries for 22 years. With this acquisition, we gain complementary disciplines and experiences to build our capacity in western Canada. Combining our expertise enables AAR/AARES to take on challenging, multi-disciplined and multi-jurisdictional projects while retaining our boutique consultancy and approach. AARES will continue to provide the client-focused, friendly and personalized professional services we are known for.   

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AARES is a proud sponsor of many events in Alberta, and across the world. Below are some of the newest events that AARES has been lucky enough to sponsor.

The Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB) 2024 Conference


AARES is proud to announce sponsorship of the Alberta Society of Proessional Biologists (ASPB) 2024 Conference as a Gold Member. This event will be held in Red Deer, November 6-8, and will be jam packed with exciting presentations, discussions and networking opportunities 

The Archaeological Society of Alberta (ASA) 2024 Conference


AARES is proud to announce sponsorship of the Archaeological Society of Alberta (ASA) 2024 Annual General Meeting and Conference that will take place in Drumheller, Alberta, from April 19-21, 2024. This event will allow Archaeologists to present and discuss our heritage values.

The International Powerlifting Federation World Classic in
Malta 2024


AARES is proud to announce sponsorship of the International Powerlifting Federation's event in Malta. This event will take place on August 28 - September 8, 2024. This event will showcase exceptional young athletes, and their abilities in a series of classic powerlifting events.

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